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Today I was blocked by do to a post I made on his journal : FAA: Bigelow Can Stake a Moon Claimby Stephen C. Smith
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
Original publication: Space KSC
Reprinted with the express permission of the author.
Reuters reported today that “U.S. companies can stake claims to lunar territory through an existing licensing process for space launches.”
The Federal Aviation Administration, in a previously undisclosed late-December letter to Bigelow Aerospace, said the agency intends to “leverage the FAA’s existing launch licensing authority to encourage private sector investments in space systems by ensuring that commercial activities can be

My post have been hidden by owner. The post was more or less: About the fact that there is no economic incentive to go up to the moon in mass. That we are going there only for tourism and research. He didn't like it and this is the message he wrote me:

This way to the egress
from William-Black
to kuroro8675
If your opinion is that mankind should stay at home, except for a nice vacation now and then … I don’t know why you follow my work.

Your comment displayed such a lack of vision; I’m not going to bother. I’ll do both of us a favor, I’ll just show you to the door.

This is the message I wrote and try to send and then got deleted ( so I have to re-write it [ and I hate to re-write stuff ] ) :

1) It is rude to judge someone by a post they make on a journal without bothering to ask for an explanation or clarification." … I don’t know why you follow my work." to know that you just need to ask!

2)You have the right to block me it is your page but if you can't not even ask a clarification before closing the door I think you are lacking interest in the humanity you want to bring to the moon. But if by humanity you just mean a drone like the one was already sent on Mars and the Moon and an Asteroid, well congratulations we are in space. But if by humanity you mean a large part of the biological mammal known as human you will have to deal with people like me , especially the moment you have to ask for a lown to build a space ship.

3) You misunderstand I didn't give an opinion I just gave and economic analysis on the earth rare and the raw material is to low in demand to go up there and mine the moon. We become good at recycling and good at using as little as possible in material possible.
Even if the price would rice to record levels , we still could use the remaining materials in the oceans and in the arctics, and still it would be cheaper that mining the moon. Make you notice that there are no big company rushing in this moon race because they know that there is no profit in it. And all the company are there for the tourism. 

4) Could you show me where I wrote that humanity should stay home? Because I don't remember where I wrote it! I remember writing for "tourism and for research" maybe I had to write all the research you can do up there but I didn't know I was under exam.

5) You can check on your own the economy of rare earth and raw material and tell me if you make a profit by selling them at the market. Keep in mind that many people in India made a question on why invest in space when the nation has so many earth problems, the goverment answered only it would create high tech jobs by how this obs would be paid was never answered.

6) And before you go with the usual story overpopulation at like to make you notice that earth population is not growing that fast or much to be unsustainable to this planet, we have a problem of over concentration in big city's in first world nations. And goverments are already taking action to keep it manageable. Well maybe when we reach world peace and every one will become immortal we may have a need to move. One reason we still don't have the big ship-city is because no one is willing to pay to live there and the bigger stop is legal issue and monetary not technological or people that lack the vision to build them.

7) If you after reading this believe I lack vision and I deserve to be sent out the door. OK I have no problem with that I will not bother you.

To the reader ( if someone will read it ) I don't mind being judged only by a comment it happens often on the internet but I also get the chance to explain my self. And the comment I made was hidden so I can't defend it. There are famous case of flame online and big words frown around but hiding everything under a carpet is not the way to go for big things to be done you need people from multiple ways of life. I didn't insult him, his post, his art , or gave my view. Maybe not a perceived happy one. I call my self a realist and I keep a keen I on the economics of things and events.

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